Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great news, we will be entering our village project for the site shown below outlined in purple. See the video we did for the Chinese project here in a few days, at least the draft copy.   The deputy in charge assured me that he does not mind at all having those panelized houses made from Chinese components. For those of you who have not followed this interesting caper, it turns out that for the Winter Olympics of 2022,  the only two bids remaining after Oslo pulled out  Astany, Kazhakstan and Beijing, China. Since we already have plans with the Chinese Committee and a few Chinese component suppliers, I was embarassed to propose essentially the same for their own bid, something they must finalize before mid-January. Their reaction was pleasant surprise; it turns out that with fallen oil prices devastating for their oil-based economy, a lot of Astany residents want cancellation. However, our approach of pre-selling the units to the visiting sports federation and shipping the panels to them after the games represents a tempting solution for them. The only facility they would need to complete for 2022  games are the bobsled run and the curling stadium. All the rest including our village will by then  already be in place thanks to the 2011 and 2017 Pan-Asiatic Games.

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