Monday, December 15, 2014

Prototype in 2015 at our Cantamar facilities.

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If the 2022 Winter Olympic Games go to  Kazakhstan, we are offering our new larger modular spaces to individual country teams. After the games, the host country will unbolt and disassemble the houses and containerize the components. At no cost to their owners, sold houses are shipped to the team’s country and others are auctioned. These panelized houses are then erected under the guidance of a local Hi-Tect paid technician  . It is Hi-Tect's way to quickly spread the word about the life-saving solutions we offer for world areas exposed to natural disasters.

We are a non-profit building an international team to promote our tested solutions, stimulating designers and local building industry to pick-up and learn our methods and processes. These affordable yet super-comfortable athlete residences are designed with near complete autonomy: community solar tech, underfloor energy storing, state-of-the-art incinerating toilets, smart windows, embedded sprinkler, wi-fi, cable and vacuum networks etc.., (see the details here in Jan 2015) Importing one of these futuristic buildings to any country will start countless careers and businesses..! (click pictures to enlarge)


Jason Markovitz said...

All that cold air under the units, doesn't that make it cold for the athlete's precious feet?

Jacques POIRIER said...

Actually, the large cavity under the floor is not only there to store a lot of high-technology material, but it also serves as a pressurized plenum delivering warm air to select registers. This way the floor is always 2 to 5 degree Farenheit warmer than the ambient air, a medically recognized advantage. As a curiosity, some of our Sutton QC ski condos have had a pair of 2 inch holes drilled in the floor with short lengths of plastic pipes inserted therein; skiers just invert a wet ski boot over the tubes to quickly dry and warm them.