2 Floods

THE PROBLEM:  Most houses and their occupants can safely deal with the occasional flood of  known consequences. However it is the 15-year probabilitiy flood that soaks the drywall that starts to create a lot of cost with mildew and rot damage. And we all know that no homeowner wants to deal with the 100-year flood. Its cost would be prohibitive, they think...Really?   THE SOLUTION: We don't think so. For an extra thousand dollar and one  patented construction element, we now can make our flood-proof houses capable of  any level of flood water rise. And of course, new this year we can now stack our modules to 5 stories high to minimize land use. We cando this economically  anywhere, even in an alluvial flood plain as shown below. As for the charity-based solution for the isolated poor in developing countries exposed to sustained flooding, see our solutions in the last slides of the slideshow below.