1 Affordability

THE PROBLEM:  Construction of quality houses of any sizes has not benefitted from the considerable progress seen in commercial and industrial construction, transportation and technology. Often bogged down by building codes, consumer habits, builder traditions and labor unions, good housing or even good rental has been made unaffordable to many.  THE SOLUTION:  We have spent 40 years working  to find every conceivable way to do more housing for less money, trying out dozens of concepts in 7 countries. At the end of our careers, we formed the Archimede Institute to codify our best solutions. Thanks to crowdsourcing, our new non-profit with its members is now refining and promoting the winning solutions for all,  including the very poor and those affected by natural disasters. These pages and their individual slideshows will outline most of these solutions for you to comment freely. We are all in this problem-solving mode together, greatly adding to what a a few  retired construction professionals came up with. See the 'Owning a Home' tab for greater details, new cost-saving targets and fresh insights.


Amy Bao said...

Your hi-tect website is very interesting about the concept,and also touching. good job."

Jerome Lancaster, MD said...

This should be in a commercial for garage doors! They have a noble second life when well built.