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We have seen young families and retirees from 'tornado alley' prefering to live in a more threatened mobile home than to rent into something safer that is not.. 'theirs'. To these folks, the increased privacy with the pride and joy of mastering their inside and outside spaces easily offsets the odds of a direct tornado hit. Who could blame them when you think of all the freedoms this lower-cost solution brings to their family, finances, privacy, pets and loudspeaker levels! But why does it have to be something that is often so vulnerable?..and, some will say, mostly ugly.

Family formation and home ownership are perhaps the best factors to promote responsible citizenry and peace. In spite of business and governments's recent failures and however difficult home ownership has become throughout the US and the world, the goal of making homes available and affordable is a mission that Hi-Tect members and supporters view as most fundamental for any society.

Our own effort spans every single aspect of the problem, with the result that by cutting a small percentage from each step of the process we can round up a substantial amount of the total cost of owning a home, especially when a mortgage is involved. The slideshow below takes the viewer through each factor where cost savings are gained or hoped for using our systematic approach to the problem of home ownership. It is believed that crowsourcing and crowdfunding our effort will quickly raise the posted percentages towards the higher end shown in the graph within.

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