3 Hurricanes

THE PROBLEM:  Hurricanes resilience to Force 2 is easy enough with storm shutters and good design. The problems appear exponentially with F3, F4 and F5. The cost of resilience at those levels appears so high that owners choose to 'luck it out'.  Yet dozens of our very affordable houses have weathered Force 5 strength with little or no damage. These are still talked about years later in the Caribbeans.   THE SOLUTION: Wind destruction starts with vibrations around sharp surface changes. We avoid these systematically with our dodecahedral geometry first tested in a wind tunnel in 1980. Water surge destruction is a ground floor phenomenon. Like others, we avoid a lived-in ground floor, relying on a few sturdy stilts of the appropriate height over flood levels expected. Our solutions are tested time and again by living occupants that feel safe. And now we introduced larger modules with the same properties and several exciting new features, one of which is a floating version set low and allowed to rise with the odd 'over-the-top' flood. 

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Carol Collins said...

Hello Jim,

I am an owner at Guana Beach Villas , my unit is #7…
If you are looking to rent please contact me….I am also trying to sell my unit if you know anyone..any offer will be considered

My Ph# is 203-209-8195 in the USA
I lost my side porch in this recent hurricane and am having it repaired..

My Regards,