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A few of the fun projects we are developing now to raise money and interest, mostly a new twist on 'stuff' we did a long time ago. One of these is a village proposal for snow-sports athletes for the Winter Olympics of 2022. This initiatives is aimed at both Kazakhstan-Almaty and Beijing-Zhangjiakou, the only two countries remaining in the running after Olso canceled out because of costs. Decision by the I.O.C. will be next July. In the meantime  we are developing similar villages for both countries.  Since I was myself (3) the architect-manufacturer of similar concepts for ski areas in the past, let me underline their advantages if you have problems reading the fine print in the image at the bottom of this page (like I seem to have!). First of all, these living units  are raised high to liberate the grounds for nature, for firewood and kids (5) that need to stay dry when it rains, and mostly for skiers to ski uninterrupted from the slopes to their front door (1 & 7). These units in clusters of 3 to 5 are compact in shape and do not block views as much as conventional ground based construction. Inside, however, the higher the better for views, as you can judge from (7) by looking at the conifers. In addition, most units have a  3rd level modules(4) that offers the best panorama without substantially blocking views to other condos. These share an entry balcony and a common wall with great acoustic insulation (6)while a few have a ground floor entry where skis, cold and snow remain while they climb up to their heated-floor unit above. 
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Believe if or not, the 40 condos of the Sutton project were built in 40 days by 40 men, this thanks to several very original techniques and planning advantages (most of this is explained fully in the picture below, from our airplane a 1983 photo of the half-completed Sutton Ski resort village, still occupied full-year 30 years later.

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hehehe, I had one of those for christmas when i was a kid. My sister broke it and I hated her. Thanks for reminded me of the name etch-a-sketch I tried so hard to remember.I was calling it "my first ipad"